Utilize Your Organization’s Professional Development Opportunities!

training picWhenever you join an organization you want to make the most of your time there because you represent the organization. Essentially, you are the organization because organizations are made up of people. Some of my goals as an employee of a company is to make significant positive impacts with cost saving initiatives, streamlining procedures/activities, and developing new innovative concepts/products/processes, etc.

Employees can accomplish this by utilizing the professional development and training opportunities the organization provides. The training provided not only sets you up for advancement within the company, it also sets you up for advancement in other organizations and/or endeavors. For example, U.S. Army civilians are given extensive professional development opportunities. How do I know this? As a former Army civilian, I have utilized them! For example, I learned to build SharePoint sites on Skillport. I still utilize that skill for myself and projects for other entities.

skill port

Also, there are career programs in the Army civilian corps. I was in Career Program 29 (CP-29). I still follow them today because I have firsthand knowledge of how great they are. They provide a continuous 360 learning environment covering all areas that empower Installation Management professionals through training, education, and experience. One of the professional opportunities CP29 offers is the Developmental Assignment Program (DAP). Those who are selected for this developmental assignment will gain knowledge in another Installation Management functional area and/or location. The skills they gain from this opportunity will enable them to excel within their organization.cp29
There are even several sites that allow you to plan and track your training, professional development opportunities, and career progression.

career tracker

I want to encourage everyone to check out the training/professional development opportunities in your current workplace. The skills and knowledge you will receive not only benefit your current employer – they also benefit you!
The list below contains “only some” of the professional development entities and opportunities that were/are available for U.S. Army civilians:
IMCOM Career Program 29 (CP-29)
Civilian Education System (CES)
MG Robert M. Joyce School for Family and
MWR/ IMCOM Academy – online (www.imcomacademy.com)
Army Congressional Fellows Program
Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS)
Harvard Senior Executive Fellows (SEF)
Senior Manger Course (SMC)
Senior Leader Seminar (SLS)
Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM)
IMCOM Emerging Enterprise Leader (EEL)
Department of Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program
Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)
Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLP)
White House Leadership Development Program (WHLDP)

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