You Don’t Have To Be Cool!

C9B344AE-AB16-4A48-AD73-C78D86E435ABHello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
I know something you can do where you don’t have to be a member of Mensa, don’t have to be cool, don’t have to know the latest dances or songs. You don’t even have to have a lot of money. What am I talking about?  Working with children, teenagers, and young adults. Also it does not matter if you are not a professional child/youth worker in a center or program.

Volunteering your time means the world to them. Also, I want to specifically mention tweens and teens. A lot of times people don’t want to volunteer with that age group because of misconceptions or fear. Let me just say – yes – they may be taller/bigger than you and may be going through difficult situations that require difficult discussions. However, they are the most wonderful and welcoming people. I can tell you from experience because I am not cool and they still accept me!

Ok, so why am I telling you this. Last week I was able to volunteer again with the British Girl Guides. Every time I go it is so great because I can laugh and have fun. I brought my daughter with me and they were kind to her – she had a blast! We all talked and created beautiful art! I even made a necklace out of a piece of art one of the girls gave me. The other gifts the girls gave to me are in my living-room because I love to look at them.

I make it a priority to work or volunteer with young people as I know the importance of being that voice of encouragement in a young person’s life. Also, if you are unable to give your time please give them financial support. Many youth programs need art supplies or computers. Ask a child/teen center Director/teacher what they need. Your financial support enables centers to expose young people to art, museum outings, summer trips, concerts, literature, etc.
Be one of the doors that opens the world to our youth!!!

*To learn more about Girlguiding please click the link below.

*Check out my pictures to see some of the lovely art we made!

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