Accomplishing The Mission Is Fun (Part 2)

6A690322-174F-4921-A9CA-8A1103A61B93Hello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
It was a great day in the Benelux again! Today was my office Christmas Hot Chocolate, Cookie, and Ornament Exchange party. Initially, I was just going to add my picture to the post about my husband’s Christmas party so you could see my Ugly Christmas Sweater (*it lights up – woooah awesome). However, it was so much fun because of the ornament exchange game that I had to create a new post to share.


So, if you didn’t have your office party yet, get on the party planning committee to have a gift exchange!! To play the game everyone should bring in one wrapped gift and stand in a circle holding the gifts in their hands while the Left Right Game is read. It is crazy fun!

I received a gift of two beautiful ornaments from playing the game. I even received a beautiful candle. Also, the whole building came out and enjoyed the festivities with us. It was the best time! So remember – don’t miss the opportunity to bond with your colleagues during the Christmas season!

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