Accomplishing the Mission is fun!

Fun coworkersHello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
Let me expound on that. Accomplishing the mission is fun when you work with a fun team. As this is the Christmas season my husband’s office had a party this week. How I found out was by my husband jumping into the living room with his Ugly Christmas Sweater on. He looked so happy (and handsome) that I had to take a picture. He was ready to enjoy the spirit of Christmas with his colleagues.
Fun is essential for a happy, healthy, innovative, and creative work environment. Organizations are really about the people. More time is spent communicating with the people who we work with. We bond with people at work – even if we work remotely. They share our organization’s goals/are on the same team. Imagine working in an environment where you can’t or don’t laugh. That would be so horrible.
I love going into the office because I currently work with fun people. Even in my previous position I loved going in because we laughed all the time/had so much fun while accomplishing the mission. Sharing team accomplishments with people you laugh with is much better than accomplishing something with people who you tip toe around.
Well, next week my office is having our cookie and ornament sharing event. I plan to wear my Ugly Christmas sweater. Stay tuned for my picture.
Have fun out there!!!!

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