There Is Greatness In The Imperfect!

IMG-7081Hello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
There is greatness in the imperfect! What do I mean? Well, this was another great week in the Benelux! On Sunday 17 November 19, I received an email from a great friend and mentor. On Monday I received the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service from my previous position. On Tuesday I set up for an evening session of College 101! On Wednesday I received a great resource book I have been waiting on (I know I already told you all about this). On Thursday I had a wonderful meeting with a brilliant colleague (military spouse/mom) whom I admire.

IMG-7062Today I had a wonderful time at the spa for my mani/pedi, I was able to purchase fabulous treats, and I said “Yes!” to a wonderful opportunity that presented itself to me.
With all that being said, let me mention that during this week I also had a car tire issue that my husband had to fix. I dropped my necklace behind the dresser which is a horror. The dresser is so heavy that I am considering leaving the necklace back there because it’s going to be a drama moving the dresser to get it. I ate most of the treats that I was supposed to bring to an event. I couldn’t help it – they are very good (so I am sorry-not sorry about it).

Listen, there will always be ups and downs in your life. Not everything will be perfect. However, know that there is greatness in the imperfect. So, expect great things to occur in your everyday flawed experience. I am still expecting great things to occur, and I want you to expect them in your life as well! Now keep on expecting great things!

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