You Are The Foundation That Creates The VIP Feeling!!!


Hello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
You are the foundation that creates the VIP feeling!!
Ok let me give you the background. This weekend I was in London for the NFL games. It was my first time going to a football game and I loved it!
Everything was great! We were in the purple top floor VIP area. The food was perfect, the drinks were flowing, the people were fun, the bathrooms were clean – with no lines – it was spectacular! I am not even a big sports person but once you experience the NFL VIP treatment you will be hooked. I enjoyed everything – but out of the whole event there was a moment that stood out the most.

It was when Ramon and I left the game and went back up to the purple venue a bit early before halftime. We wanted to beat the crowds. I quickly went to the restroom to wash my hands. I heard talking as I walked out of the restroom and rounded the corner to the venue’s main walkway. It wasn’t just regular conversation; it was a strong uplifting motivational talking. Once the main hallway was in my full view, I could see a sharp suited tall gentleman with white blonde hair standing in the middle of a large group of the well-dressed hospitality personnel that served us before the game.
He was talking to all the servers. He said to them– “Get ready because the half time crowd will be arriving soon. You are all doing great!”
As I passed by them smiling, he was saying other wonderful things to them. When I arrived at my table, I knew that I would be coming back just because of what I witnessed. I was so moved by this that I asked my friend how I can write to someone about this man to say how wonderful he was to his team. She told me that he is the highest person there. There is no one above him that I could contact to say how great he is.
This is a prime example of how a leader drives success in an organization. He was/is the foundation of the VIP experience. He created an atmosphere where all customers are VIPs and he started with his first customers – his team!!!
Leaders, success is in you/starts with you – now go share it with your customers starting with your team!!!
PS- We also saw Hamilton – It was Awesome!!!

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