Planning For And Expecting Great Things!

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Hello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
Are you planning for and expecting great things?

I am getting over this cold while creating my plans/master deck for Education week, but I just had to tell you this. I received my 2020 planner from the Girls Mean Business two days ago. I have been waiting for my planner ever since around 9 October and I was so excited when it came.

*I know you are thinking why is this exciting. There are three reasons why this is a big deal to me.

1. I get to write down my goals, ideas, dreams. It is a physical reminder of what I am going after/what is important to me. I expect them to happen and I start planning/running for victory.

2. I get to write down “done!” next to what I have ran with and accomplished. I then get to celebrate with the team. Being grateful for all those who supported/support me in various capacities!

3. I get to flip the pages looking back at how far I have already come during a new struggle accomplishing a new goal. I am encouraged/recharged and get back to the business of keeping my eye on the goal that I expect to attain – running to accomplish it!

Always expect great things to occur for yourself/for your team! Expectation is powerful!

*I like to share great things so you can win this great planner here:
Or order one here:

Now write down your goals and start running with them! I believe in you!

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