There’s More than One Way to Roast A Marshmallow


Hello Goal Achievers/Leaders,

While I am drinking lots of lemon water trying to get rid of my cold, I wanted something sweet. I asked my husband if he could put the grill on outside so I could roast my marshmallows. I was imagining myself sitting outside under the moon with a beautiful crackling fire to roast my marshmallow.
However, he said no because he was concerned that it may start raining. He then said that he would put a log on the fireplace – which he did. I was skeptical because it was not what I had imagined – but I was able to roast my marshmallows – YAY!
I know you are asking yourself why I told you this. Well in my house my husband is in charge of starting fires. I do not want to touch the wood logs because there may be a bug in them. So, in this regard he is my higher level leader.
Now if we put this in a business perspective, you should always remember that there is more than one way to accomplish a goal. Don’t limit yourself to being so rigid that you don’t accept/contemplate other information. Be open to listening to other leaders who have been there/have more experience than you in a certain subject. Even if their advice doesn’t seem like the perfect scenario that you had in your mind.
Also, adding to this concept – your higher level leader may give you a mundane mission/task/idea. Even though the task that they assign may not be glamorous, they know from experience that it will set you up for future success.


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