Let’s Be More Like The Octopus!

8th October - World Octopus Day SMC

Hello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
Today is World Octopus Day! Fun Facts – Octopuses are very intelligent and flexible!
Yes – I am going somewhere with this. A LinkedIn article by Babu George describes how organizations should strive to be like the octopus – mastering intelligence and agility.
Ask yourself does every section of your business/organization work together towards one mission? Are they agile? If not, work at being more like the octopus.
Read an excerpt from the article below:
“The minds of octopuses are distributed across the body but also work in unison. This offers them the ability to seek multiple perspectives and plan for a wide range of backup alternatives. They are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrates…… Business organizations need both intelligence and agility. The mind(s) of octopuses are not yet understood in detail; but, I believe, with whatever little we know, octopuses already offer us a vastly improved model for building our business organizations.” ~ Babu George


Read the full article click the link below:

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