I Am Energized and I Can Deliver!!!

dolpi SMCHello Goal Achievers/Leaders,
I am back from the Canary Islands; Spain and I am so energized.
People say that you are not supposed to think about work while vacationing. However, I must say that when you love what you do – your thoughts immediately go to your passion.
Taking time out at a different setting enables reflection! I read two great professional books that fired me up with great ideas that I want to put into action – not only in my own business but also for organizations that I work with, as well as my community. When we get bogged down with everyday routines taking time for yourself snaps you out of the “same old same old” into the
“I see a need for a great process I can implement/ service that I can deliver!!!!”
Now I know some of you Go Getters are out there saying “Look Stacie – I have this new project going that I can take time away from!”
Alright – I hear you. Just Take a 13-minute walk around the block or your building. Pick up a fruit salad while you are walking or an energy drink. Take 8 deep breaths. Then think to yourself – what can I do to make a small positive impact today or this week. Then do it! You will see those small positive impacts will bring about great things. Why – because you are great, and I believe in you!

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