Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Go on A Big Adventure

Big advenHello Goal Achievers/Leaders!!!!
Are you starting any big adventures – doing something that you don’t normally do?
Evolving into an exceptional leader involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Engaging in new activities not only increases productivity, creativity and flexibility; it also allows for enhancing conflict resolution/problem solving skills. Challenging yourself is an important factor in professional/personal growth.
You can start by taking small steps such as traveling to new places, talking to a stranger, or speaking up at meetings/giving a speech. Even though small changes to your routine may seem insignificant – they are really setting up your foundation of skills/abilities.
Now I am not saying that you will take to this like a fish to water but give it a chance. For example, I recently said yes to a hot air balloon ride. It is not something I would normally do/ever did before. The only reason I said yes was because I promised myself that I would try new things and one of my friends invited me. However, as the event grew closer, I was apprehensive. I had to push myself and I am so happy I did. I had an amazing time, met new friends, and conquered my fear.
Know that as a leader you want to be innovatively dynamic. Engaging in challenges renovates and expands your way of thinking/processing information. You become more successful as you put yourself in the path of more opportunities. So, try something new tomorrow. You can do it – I believe in you!


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