Closing January

coco in the snowHi everyone,

Before we get too far into February, I want to close up January by letting you know all the great things that have been going on.  At the very beginning of January, I was able to get involved with exceptional business women through professional forums on Facebook. I received great guidance and opportunities.

Meeting with people who are interested in creating value for others is always important. Within a short time, I gained insight into how to navigate situations that were slowing me down. Also, I was accepted into Inc. Solopreneurs. It is a community for entrepreneurs running companies with zero to five employees! This is another platform to connect with great minds sharing valuable information!

I highly encourage everyone to take the time to get to know people who are not in your immediate network of contacts. This will give you the opportunity to hear different views from people who have different experiences than you or your immediate circle of friends/colleagues.

The life skills courses for teens I am working on are coming along great as I am testing out different platforms with minimum technical difficulties. I am also taking new classes/studying to obtain new certifications. I believe in continuous learning and development. I am excited about this as I want to always provide my customers with exceptional services.

Luckily last Saturday we had massive amounts of snow here in Belgium. This gave me a great opportunity to take a break from working and play with my fur baby Coco Chimay! That’s all I have for now. Have a great evening and take care!!!!


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