It’s National Fun at Work Day!

8 Ways to Have Fun at Work!!!!

The next best thing to running you own business is working with people that you believe in and have fun with.  I currently work with a core group of leaders that are exceptional for many reasons. Two of these reasons is that I believe in them and they create an atmosphere of fun even in the most stressful times. It is important to work for an organization or with people that you believe in because you want to feel connected. Today is National fun at work day.  Studies have shown that having fun at work positively impacts not only employee morale but also productivity.

In one study, by Daniel Sgroi from Warwick’s University, where employees were made happy there was a 12% increase in productivity above the control group. In another study, by Bright HR, it was discovered that fun at work is important for an employee’s health.

Below are 8 ways to have fun at work that I have personally experienced with the leaders I work with and that I have previously used:

  1. Celebrate Birthdays or other significant events. Remembering birthdays is a great way to show you care about your employees. I know for me, having someone remember my Birthday is very important because people usually forget.  Even something as simple as giving employees a card shows them that they are valued.
  2. Go out and have a great meal together as a team. Take the time to gather your team up and go out to lunch every so often. This is a team bonding experience where people can sit back and enjoy each other’s company over a nice meal.
  3. Share Snacks together. Bringing in snacks to share with each other as well as guests creates a welcoming environment. Having snacks readily available throughout the day allows employees to recharge with a quick break and a chance to eat a delicious snack.
  4. Laugh and share stories. Telling funny stories of what you have experienced in your career is a great way to connect with employees. These are impactful because they serve to create humor but to also teach and positively engage employees. Your willingness to share knowledge in such a fun way creates an environment where employees believe in you as well as feel encouraged and excited about their day/career.
  5. Care about each other. Take time to check in on your employees to make sure that everyone is doing ok. For an employee, knowing that the supervisor cares is important. It builds an overall sense of employee happiness as well as trust.
  6. Celebrate Accomplishments. Celebrate your employees’ accomplishments. Nothing is too big or too small!
  7. Facilitate learning experiences. Giving employees the opportunity to learn is great for employee happiness and engagement. Providing professional development opportunities shows your employee that you and the organization supports them.
  8. Decorate the Office. Take the time to create an attractive workplace for employees. This can be done by having seasonal decorations up and fun little company mementoes. Also, compliment their personal pictures or decorations that they have o their desk. It’s always great to know that the place you spend sometimes over 8 hours a day is beautiful!

Now go out and have fun at work!!!!!


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